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Neuroinformatics and Artificial Intelligence

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Conference talks, discussion panels and seminars

Włodzisław Duch (presentations available here)

  1. 2020.03.04: Thursday Physical Colloquium
  2. 2020.03.23-26: 12th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2020, Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa (Thailand), moved to the Web. Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Neurocognitive Technologies for Human Augmentation
  3. 2020.07.1-10: The 27th International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering (TE2020), Warsaw. Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Neurocognitive Technologies for Human Augmentation
  4. 2020.10.12-14: ICAISC 2020, The 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Hotel Mercure Kasprowy, Zakopane, Poland (co-chair). Keynote: Neurocognitive Technologies and Computational Intelligence for Human Augmentation
  5. 2020.03.09-10: 12th TIME Economic Forum, Warsaw, Hilton hotel (discussion panel)
  6. 2020.07.19-24: WCCI 2020, World Congress of Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland (discussion panel)
  7. 2020.01.18-18: Polsat TV, “All that is Most Important” program (discussion panel)
  8. 2020.11.17-18: Open Eyes Economy Summit 2020, Kraków, Poland, Humans in Artificial Intelligence Environment (discussion panel)

Karolina Finc

  1. 2020.11.03: Open and Reproducible Neuroimaging, University in Oldenburg, Invited talk: Introduction to fMRI data analysis in nilearn
  2. 2020.06.24: Open Science Room at Annual Meeting of Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Discussion: Open community-driven, software pipelines: a retrospective and future outlook

Jacek Matulewski

  1. VI ETRA’20, ACM Symposium On Eye Tracking Research & Applications (COGAIN symposium), online talk: Comparison of three dwell-time-based gaze text entry methods

Conference organization

  1. IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Human-like Intelligence (IEEE CIHLI), Canberra, Australia, 1-4.12.2020 Organized by J. Mandziuk (WUT), W. Duch (UMK) and M. Woźniak (SUT)