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University Centre of Excellence “Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence”

Contactul. Gagarina 11, 87-100 Toruń
e-mail: damsi@umk.pl

Quantum Entanglement and the Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems


Research conducted by the group members focuses on the theory of open quantum systems, describing the dynamical evolution of a quantum system interacting with its environment, thus going beyond the standard Schroedinger model of quantum dynamics. It encompasses, in particular, the elements of quantum information theory and the theory of quantum entanglement, advanced mathematical methods of operator algebras, quantum stochastic processes, non-Markovian dynamics, and random matrix theory.

For many years, the group has been responsible for the organization of the annual international conference Symposium on Mathematical Physics. The  52nd Symposium “Channels, Maps and All That” was organized as an on-line event on June 14-17, 2021, with the participation of over 180 attendants.

Two international journals indexed by ISI Master Journal List are edited by the group members: “Open Systems and Information Dynamics” published and distributed by World Scientific Publishers, and “Reports on Mathematical Physics” published jointly by Polish Scientific Publishers (PWN) and Elsevier.