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University Centre of Excellence “Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence”

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For young researchers from abroad, 2nd edition

Director of Excellence Center
„Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence”
announces the contest
for four 6 or 12 months grants for young researchers from abroad

Only those young researchers (maximally 5 years after PhD*) from abroad who during the last 3 years did not stay in Poland for a period longer than 6 months and whose research profile is compatible with the profile of the Center are eligible to enter the contest. Candidates representing at least one of the following areas:

will be preferred. Conditions of the grant: 15 000 PLN (gross) for the first month and 10 000 PLN (gross) for each following month.  Expected realization of the grant commences on 1.10.2021. (The starting date can be reconsidered because of unforeseen implications of the continued COVID-19 pandemic.) Documents including:

should be submitted to damsi@umk.pl by 30.06.2021.

Pdf version: pdf_version (24 KB).

* This period can be extended by the duration of maternity or paternity leave (women may extend the period by 18 months for every child) and long-term illness.